DAY FIVE: where your treasure is...

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Matthew 6:21


Matthew 6:19-21


In this passage Jesus says, do not store up your treasures for yourselves, but instead use them for where your heart is.

Why would we save treasures, hoard them, or keep them in the darkness? That doesn't make sense! Take them out and use them for people that you love!

While saving some is prudent, hoarding and hiding is selfish.

What is your treasure? Whether your treasure is money or another gift from God, show the world your light and share your treasures with those in your heart.

- Vikki Rosich

Reach Out Challenge

What, or who, do you treasure? A close friend? A family member? Do your actions show what you truly care about? Take a moment to Reach Out today by contacting someone you haven’t been in touch with for awhile.


God in Heaven, you have blessed us with so many gifts — loving family, supportive friendships, provisions that we need for each day. But the greatest Treasure is the gift of your Son, Jesus, who died for us and who rose and lives in heaven. We thank you for that great gift, and we pray with hope for the day when we will get to be united in heaven with Jesus. We love you, Lord. Amen.


In your journal or a blank sheet of paper, draw or write your thoughts.